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21 tfc 17 updates 06

TFC Updates [21/06/17]

For the next few weeks I will be implementing some new ideas and making some changes and additions to TFC with Noodle's review and approval. That being said some things will change, some things shall remain the same. Some things may be removed but more shall be added in hopes of improving TFC as a whole.

As of right now the following things are being improved.


The forums will have some categories and subforums rearranged and extras added.


All servers are currently being overlooked and some things implemented. Some things include a few terms and conditions/rules on the servers in order to keep it open and friendly for all players. Yes, we know. The community is called "The Freedom Crew" and you guys expect complete freedom to do what ever you wish.. However in order to keep TFC from gaining a negative reputation as a result of player discrimination, abuse and destruction to player experiences some rules will be implemented as a means to keep things in order.

We may include a tolerance policy to racial discrimination. Why? Because it's disgusting behaviour. We're meant to be an advanced intelligent species, not a bunch of retarded Neanderthal running around like lost maggots. Mutual Respect should be a vital aspect of a gaming community. Everyone should be respected as an individual.

We don't need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.

In the coming weeks a few more things will be added to the servers to improve experience.

New guidelines for reporting admins/players and admin applications may be updated as well.

Inactive admins will be removed. Admin abusers will definitely be removed. Don't let me and Noodle catch you abusing administrator will be dealt with!

More updates are to come in the next few days so stay tuned!
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