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apparently if kicked com www type you chat get so into google

So apparently if you type into chat you get kicked.

Today I was playing and I had as my username and I got kicked for advertising even tho thats my screen name and not a real website that I'm advertising. I also typed into chat and got kicked for advertising. This is pretty dumb. Bump.

And yet you just had to test it multiple times, didn't you? I didn't think the script would actually "kick" a player, but just blank it out with asterisks (in chat). Being kicked for it being in your username however is meant to kick you with a reason.

What is the point in advertising a URL regardless of it's validity? It's pointless, so why do it in the first place? Had you just changed it after being auto-kicked the first time instead of reconnecting with the same name and being kicked an extra few times it would have been fine. Since I'm not in-game or doing anything with the server at the moment (as I'm on GTA V) I have disabled the script until I modify it to warn 3 times before it kicks a player. I cannot put up the MOTD yet as I have not finished designing it.

As for you and others thinking it's stupid or not is beside the point. I don't need yours or others players' votes or opinions on such a script to be put in place.
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Well I didn't I was kicked by a script, that's why I reconnected and didn't change it. Sorry

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