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nsanity noodle x

NSanity x Noodle

It was a Friday Night. Noodle and NSanity had just gotten off their one v one session on Source.
"Fuck. I was so fucking close you awping cunt" Noodle had said after getting a 11-8 loss.
"Good game,you did well" Sanity said,trying to hold back his laughter as he had just Noodled the Noodle master who is and shall forever be Noodle.
"Ya,ya...Can I still come over...? I get really lonely ~" Noodle had said,teasing NSanity. They had been planning this night for a while now,Noodle was staying over at NSanitys house so they could discuss the server and Noodle was hoping...that just a little more would happen.
"Yes,just...stop talking like that. You sound like Lukz when you do that."  NSanity Replied. Noodle Laughed and said "Alright I should be on my way now,I'll be there in about half an hour or so?". "Alright" NSanity said,as Noodle packed some food,drinks,his laptop,a buttplug,and (If you don't wanna click,its badragon Cum Lube Big Grin
Noodle finally arrived at NSanitys House. After a long discussion about the server,some snacks,and some stereotypical british dinner, it was nearly midnight and Noodle had brought up some lewd topics while they were in the bedroom. NSanity was seated on the top of the bed,laying down,while Noodle was at the lower half of the bed,facing NSanity.
"So what was your first time like having sex? ~" NSanity jolted up slightly,a little,surprised by this question. "W-Why do you want to know Noodle?" Noodle had shrugged and said "No reason". NSanity being difficult to open up,reluctantly said "Well I-I am a virgin..." He said with a red face,looking away. Noodle put down his laptop and crawled up to NSanity on all 4's and said "Would you like to change that?" NSanity pushed him away,Noodle laughing at his reaction. "You uhm. Need to stop that." NSanity said as he turned over facing the wall. Noodle crawled over to him putting his right arm just right over NSanitys shoulder,shoving his other arm right down his pants. NSanity looked over at Noodle, as they both were blushing. "Uh! N-Noodle..." he said. Noodle continued to stroke NSanity,reaching into his bag,taking out both the lube and the butt plug,he rubbed the lube on the butt plug,NSanity too mesmerized to notice,and Noodle quickly took NSanitys pants off and slowly started putting the tip of the buttplug in. NSanity gasped,feeling Noodle shove it in all at once. Noodle knew this would make NSanity more he took advantage of it,pushing the buttplug in and out while being a lot more rougher,and quicker paced on the other end. "N-Noodle i'm close!","Don't cum just yet ~" Noodle replied. He stopped everything,and he took the buttplug out as NSanity gasped at the sensation. Noodle bent over on the bed for NSanity (Doggie style) (Get it? Doggie?) waiting for NSanitys response.  NSanity,lubed himself up and rammed himself right into Noodle. Noodle already hard,was twitching and dripping precum into a small pool on the bed. NSanity was already close,he continued thrusting as hard as he could into Noodle. Over and over, "I-I'm gonna cum!" NSanity yelled as Noodle let out a loud moan when NSanitys final thrust went into him leaking about a gallon of cum into him. Noodle moaned at the sensation of NSanitys cum filling him. After a long 2 minutes of panting,gasping,and moaning. NSanity finally pulled out,he hadn't even realized that Noodle had came to his own climax,as a huge pool of cum stained the bed,Noodle still twitching and leaking right above it. Noodle rolled over and layed on the bed. "Do I still sound like Lukz?" "Damnit Noodle..." The End


You've got some fucked up imagination, Lukz.
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(07-05-2017, 07:29 AM)NSanityHD Wrote: You've got some fucked up imagination, Lukz.

Basically what I've been saying. This is not his first thread of this sort either.. haha

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